Ready Grid Crates. Crate 2

Ready Grid Crates. Crate 2

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Discount codes cannot be applied to this product. Thank you for choosing TCSS. Never be caught off guard again. This crates comes delivered with;

Solar Powered Generator with 200w solar panel, 200ah rechargeable battery, and 2000w inverter with USB, 12 volt, and 24 volt outlets. This will run most common household appliances and tools, computers, routers, full size refrigerators, televisions, phones, and more.

Water purifier suitable for the viral and chemical contamination that comes with urban environments

Water purification tablets

Silcock key for urban water procurement

5 days of food rations for 3 people (15 meals)

Small portable propane stove and field mess kit for cooking

Survival radio with hand crank and solar charging features, receives shortwave so you can receive broadcasts from hundreds of miles away.

Two water-resistant headlamps for light

1 Pack of emergency candles

3 body heat reflecting emergency blankets

3 body heat reflecting emergency sleeping bags

1 Solar shower

1 container of biodegradable camp soap

A high quality multi-tool

3 pairs of heavy duty work gloves

100 feet of high strength kevlar line

10 AAA rechargeable batteries and charger

Full medical kit containing, 4 gauze rolls, 20 non stick dressings, 1 hemostatic gauze, wound cleanser, waterproof medical tape, tourniquet, chest seal, 2 elastic bandages, tweezers, anti-histamine/allergy reducer, electrolyte replacement, and medical shears.

*Refund Policy: Due to the nature of these products they are non refundable. All generators are tested before delivery. Should any part of the generator (panel, charge controller, battery, inverter) be defective and stop working within 30 days of purchase, we will replace them promptly.