August 25-27, 2023: Private Family Bushcraft Training Event

August 25-27, 2023: Private Family Bushcraft Training Event

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Thank you for choosing our Bushcraft & Primitive Skills course, where you will spend the weekend learning the ancient skills that were necessary for daily life to primitive man. We learn to drive a car, use a computer, pay our bills... they learned to hunt and gather, form tools and weapons from their environment, and use critical thinking to solve the problems of daily primitive living. Take your outdoor and survival skills to the next level and learn what it truly takes to live off of the land!


*Refund/Reschedule Policy: Private and Custom training is non-refundable. This purchase will secure your private event registration. All training gear will be provided by our staff. If for any reason you should need to cancel or postpone your event, your course fee will be saved as a credit that will never expire and can also be applied toward alternate training, at any time in the future.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at all.

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